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The best way to get to know Corricelli is to spend a couple of weeks with us, living and working together. We host volunteers for a period of two weeks, offering food and accommodation (from May to September in tents) with an exchange of work; generally we work from early morning until lunch and afternoons (together with Sundays) are free.

In some periods of the year it is also possible to spend a period with us without working but paying a small contribution and helping only with the lightest tasks, for example those to be done in the kitchen.

Dates and periods are to be agreed.

Open Day

Two or three times a year we invite all the curious and interested to spend a day together, to visit the
village, have lunch together and exchange questions and reflections. The dates will be published in the
NEWS section of our site


In Corricelli many useful courses have been held to build and improve this place and our practices, such as carpentry courses, dry stone walls, permaculture, synergistic agriculture, fermentation. But also seminars of Biodanza and Empathic Communication. 

NB Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to manage visits of one or a few days, thank you for your understanding!

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